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How To Grill Vegetables Without Oil

Cook your favorite vegetables without adding oil, with these tricks you will cook light without giving up tasty vegetables. we tell you more about how to grill vegetables without oil, a light cooking technique.

Roasting Vegetables Without Oil

When roasting vegetables in the pan we often use a small amount of oil, be it sunflower, olive or corn. While these oils are healthy, cooking without oil is a lighter eating option. There are a few tricks that will help you enjoy your vegetables without using oil to cook them.

Non-Stick Pans

A good non-stick skillet is an investment in fat-free cooking. You can find pans at a good price with which you do not need even a drop of oil, the same vegetables already release their juice when cooking and with this they roast without problems. This is if you try not to leave them for a long time since they toast right away and will stick to the pan.

Add Water

This trick is used in many restaurants. It is about adding a little water while the vegetables are roasting, this helps them to cook they remain juicier but at the same time they brown, you can even add a little water on the oven tray while you are baking them.

Add Low-Fat Liquids

It consists of adding liquids such as a little vegetable or chicken broth instead of water. A little soy sauce, or a little lemon, or a little white wine. By using these liquids, you prevent the vegetables from sticking and you will also give them a new special flavor.

Using The Wok

This kind of container of Japanese origin that looks like a pan but is deeper. You can find it on any large surface. Being deeper it facilitates the preparation of the vegetables that release their juice and are roasted. In addition, the advice that we have given you to add water, broth or soy sauce is great for the wok.

If You Cook In The Oven

Try to put the vegetables at high temperature and cook for a longer time, (adding water and some other liquid) this is because in this way the outside part browns and caramelizes, but the inside remains juicy.

For example, you can put some mushrooms at 190 degrees for 15-20 minutes by adding soy sauce diluted in a little water. They will be perfect without using a drop of oil.

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