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How To Get Started With A Digital Detox And Its Effects

Technology is a wonderful thing, but have you ever stopped to think how much time you spend in front of the computer? A couple of hours? Midday? And have you ever wanted to look at something on your mobile and suddenly realize that you are browsing social networks? In fact, it is estimated that we look at our cell phones 50 different times a day! (1 )

Imagine the impact this has on your daily routine and how it contributes to stress, impairs sleep quality, and “robs” you of time. In addition, according to a survey we recently conducted in one of our articles, a third of you said that the habit you would most like to eliminate from your routine is spending so much time with electronic devices at night. Here are some of the reasons why you should reduce the time you spend in front of a screen and what you can do instead to facilitate digital detoxification, also known as digital detox .

Why You Should Do A Digital Detox

In addition to the tired eyes caused by excessive time in front of a screen, we have been pushed to depend on and give importance to the social interaction that technology provides us: the brain releases dopamine in response to social approval (like a “me like ”in an Instagram photo, for example), but the absence of this chemical (eg no notification), causes high levels of stress. For this reason, we look at our mobile every few minutes after publishing a message or a photo: we have the need to be connected and to like us.

A digital detox aims to eliminate this need through mindfulness (also known by its English name: mindfulness ). Think of it as a form of active meditation, it’s about being aware of your feelings and emotions and living in the moment: for example, if you feel good, you know why, and if you have a bad day, you know it won’t last forever. so you can put things in perspective and maintain more balance in your life.

What does this have to do with a digital detox? Always having your mobile and your computer at hand prevents you from focusing on the objective of living in the moment and inhibits the mindfulness technique: this makes it difficult to maintain this balance, since we come into contact with many external influences when we surf the networks social networks or check your email inbox.

How To Start Detoxification And Be More Aware?

1. Record Your Usage

“I don’t depend on my cell phone”, “I’m not on the computer all day at work”, you may think you don’t need a detox, but many of us would be surprised to see how much time we spend in front of a screen.

The operating system of many mobiles, tablets and computers now allows you to control the time you spend with these devices, but it is also interesting to see which applications consume most of your time and the relationship between them: it makes sense that health and The ones that are related to work are the ones you use the most, but if repeatedly, the apps you spend the most time with are from social networks, you may really need a digital detox!

2. Eliminate The Mobile From Your Routine

What would we do without a mobile? It is the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see at night and this is a problem: we may begin to feel anxiety when we spend a few minutes without consulting our mobile phone and this may even affect the quality of sleep .

Turning off the mobile serves to stop being available at any time and anywhere. Avoid looking at your mobile just when you get up : instead, opt to read the newspaper or a magazine, leave the mobile in another room out of reach, or leave it charging outside the bedroom at night.

3. Digital Detox For Couples

It may be easier for you to start a digital detox if you can persuade someone to do it with you. Whether it is family, friends or co-workers, having a person around who is not “hooked” to the screens makes it easier to socialize, which is an ideal technique to reduce stress: you can eat in company, or do a couple workout . Having a detox partner will also benefit you because you will have another set of eyes that will control your subconscious and prevent you from starting to browse social media again.

4. Set Limits And Respect Them

It is difficult to refrain and completely cut with the digital world (if not, how will you use apps like adidas Running and adidas Training without your mobile?), But you can start by assigning some screen-free hours. For example, during meals or during a walk in the park without thinking about taking the ideal photo for Instagram.

5. Enjoy Your New Freedom

In addition to becoming more and more aware and accepting that you don’t have to be available 24/7, you will be surprised to see how much free time you have gained that you used to spend browsing social networks in the morning and at night. Now you have the opportunity to reward yourself for being less dependent on the digital world: prepare a delicious dinner, enjoy a glass of wine with a good book or relax even more with an anti-stress workout, such as a yoga session or some foam roller stretches. . You have earned it!

It is not always easy to leave the virtual world behind, but a digital detox does not mean never using a mobile or a computer again. It is about reducing dependence on electronic devices. The goal is for you to realize that there are things in life much more important than screens; whether it’s playing sports outside or taking a walk with friends to enjoy the fresh air.

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