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End Of The Year Expenses That You Can Avoid To Save More

The holiday season always generates enthusiasm and good wishes, this coupled with the fact that it is the time when the Christmas bonus and end of the year bonuses are received, many people tend to spend more than they owe, so here are some expenses end of the year that you can avoid to save more.

Gifts For All

You make the list of people to whom you are going to give them and include the aunt that you have not seen all year, the cousin with whom you hardly ever speak or the coworker who always greets you.

Mexicans spend around 4,300 pesos on gifts on these dates, according to data from Kantar, an agency that conducts market research.

Although they are very good wishes, gifts for the whole family and friends will only end up affecting your pocket , especially if the family is large, or you consider that if you give to a friend you have to give them all so as not to make them feel bad .

Start by making a list of the closest people, your partner, children or parents, and assign a budget, if it is still enough, include someone else.

The popular spots – Juhu beach, Chowpatty, Gorai beach, Band Stand, Worli Sea Face and Carter Road- are packed to the hilt throughout the year and best avoided.

A Very Expensive Dinner

It is a special time and therefore we want the Christmas and New Year’s dinner to be the same.

For Christmas dinner, most Mexicans spend between 500 and 3,000 pesos; three out of every 10 people said they spend between 1,000 and 2,000 pesos, based on data from the statistics portal Statista.

To save on Christmas dinner, avoid buying more food than necessary, it is fine to do a little more for the reheated, but if you do too much, a lot of that ends up going bad.

Include lots of fruits and vegetables, for example a side salad and a fruit cocktail for dessert are a great option.

Look for fruits and vegetables that are in season, which are cheaper and of better quality. Go to the markets or flea markets in your neighborhood, they will surely find good deals.

Excess Clothing Or Shoes

This season, many take the opportunity to change their wardrobe, so buying clothes is also one of the main priorities for Mexicans, according to a study carried out by the Atlantia consultancy.

But if you are one of the people who buys things that you never use, or only use once and never put them back on, it’s time to stop.

First check what you have in your closet, how much of those clothes have you worn in the last year? If with that you build the wardrobe for the next one, avoid buying something else .

If you need to buy clothes, look for the deals. At the beginning of the year, many stores put most of their stocks at a discount, especially to introduce the clothes of the new season.

Also look in online stores, many pages have greater discounts for online purchases than in the physical store.

The most important thing is that you keep the Christmas spirit and spend this season as a family. If you are looking for a loan to face some of your Christmas expenses, come to us. Our advisors will look for the best options in terms and payments for your pocket.

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