Will Americans Need Visas to Europe? NO

Many recent headlines have ballyhooed the vote by the European Parliament to impose visas for Americans traveling to EU countries – possibly as soon as May. However, these stories are factually misleading. Yes, there was a vote to impose visas. No, the vote is not binding at this time and the system has not changed.

This vote is the latest in a long-standing dispute over whether the US should allow in all EU citizens without a visa. Some citizens of countries such as Poland and Croatia are still penalized under the outdated US system even though the previous two presidents pledged to address the issue.

Where does this go from here? We are not confident that the position of the current administration will be amenable to lifting visa requirements for the remaining EU countries. We urge you to contact your local House representative and Senators to ensure this does not happen. Travel is about an exchange of ideas and cultures. It’s not about political affiliation. You can find your member of Congress here.

UPDATE: 5/6/17

The EU parliament has decided not to pursue this any further for the time being and the system has not changed. Americans can still travel to Europe visa free.

Rabat, Morocco

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