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Cost of Renovating the Roof: Steps to Follow and Budget

Roof renovation is a process that requires several interventions to be carried out in different successive phases. It can vary depending on the roof elements that need to be renovated, demolished or rebuilt. For example, in order to completely or partially replace the roof deck, scaffolding must first be prepared or a dolly installed to allow access to the roof from the outside. This fact will make the project more expensive.

If the roof is for a commercial building, you must consider hiring commercial roofing contractors for the work, as they will know what is necessary to do to your roof in this case.

Process phases

The old roof covering will then be removed and the first phases of the renovation process will proceed. If necessary, in this phase the ceiling insulation will also be restored, allowing the replacement of insulating materials in areas where perfect resistance to water and sound insulation was no longer guaranteed. In addition, roof renovation can also affect structural elements, especially if the roof shows obvious signs of collapse: if the roof surface shows more sagging areas (this can be a major alarm signal). If these types of signs are observed, it will be necessary to proceed with the repair of the structures that support the roof.


Complete roof renovation is the most complex and also the most expensive. This type of intervention must be carried out by a company or team of professionals who know how to proceed, in order to dismantle the roof and adequately intervene in all the elements that make it up.

Reconstruction of wooden ceilings

Laminated wood ceilings, thanks to the characteristics of this material, have the advantage of providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Laminated wood boards are widely used in the construction of roof structures, due to their high mechanical resistance and the long life of the material.

They are manufactured by hot gluing various wooden boards, to obtain thicker beams and without the defects of solid wood beams. Since wood is the natural material par excellence, the laminated wood ceiling can last for many years, provided it is subject to regular checks (at least once a year) and the necessary maintenance interventions.

Other materials: cement, tiles…

The renovation of the roof may require having to intervene in the structural elements of the roof or in its tiles. In these cases, it is advisable to have an expert, who can examine with guarantees, the stability and state of conservation of the structures and the roof, in order to determine the intervention steps that must be carried out for the optimal renovation of the ceiling.

Reconstruction of the roof for the protection of seismic movements

The roof can also be rebuilt to improve the earthquake resistance of the building. Due to its shape and position, the roof can represent a serious problem in the event of seismic shocks that the building cannot resist, and its most frequent and harmful effect is usually represented by the collapse of the floors and the roof.

In recent years, construction techniques have progressed considerably and, therefore, it is possible to protect buildings from seismic risk through interventions that are not too invasive.

Photovoltaic roof reconstruction

Restructuring the roof of your home can be a good opportunity to install solar panels. The installation of the panels is not too invasive and can be a good opportunity to take advantage of the area of ​​​​the house that is most exposed to sunlight. If your home is located in a sunny area for most of the year, be aware that it could become energy self-sufficient, which will greatly reduce energy costs on your bills.

But the advantages of installing solar panels on the roof of your house do not end here: you should know that the installation of solar panels will increase the value of your home.

What is the cost of renovating the roof?

The cost that must be faced for the renovation of the roof depends on the amount of work to be carried out, the size of the roof and the type of materials that are going to be used for the renovation of some or all of the parts that make it up. Since the roof is made up of several parts, any renovation work has a cost that will depend on the number of interventions to be carried out and the components chosen.

For example, a simple roof renovation will cost less than a complete renovation, since it will not be necessary to guarantee the safety of the supporting structures, their partial or complete demolition and reconstruction. Intervening in the roof covering is still a rather expensive operation, due to the need for access to the external and upper area of ​​the building, with all that this implies in terms of safety, equipment and placement of scaffolding or platforms. In addition, the transport of waste materials and the elements destined for the reconstruction of the roof must also be included.

Roof renovation is a complex task that must be carried out by a team of professionals that guarantees the safety of the work. It is important that, before proceeding to renovate the roof, a specialist checks the condition of the structure. We hope that all this information will help you to renovate the roof of your home.

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