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Best RV Surge Protectors (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

rv surge protector pros and cons

In this post will be looking at RV surge protection. In the making of this post, we would like to give thanks to RV Pursuits for their contribution from their post titled RV Surge protector pros and cons.

Let’s take a look now at important factors you should consider: –

Find a faulty power source. Many surge protectors will alert you if you attempt to connect your RV with a unregulated or broken power source. Alerts are also sent if your RV is not connected to the power source or if you have other electrical problems.

Control the electrical flow. The USA-made surge protectors allow only 140 volts of current to flow through the system. Anything less will cause the devices to be destroyed in seconds. Any less will make the team struggle and stop them from working efficiently.

Security. Fire and electric shock protectors have additional safety features. These features include emergency shut-off switches and LED indicators. These important features will protect you from lightning strikes during a storm.

Protect your investment. The surge protector is an affordable investment that protects your RV, and all the equipment within it from damage due to a power outage.

Surge Protectors

Basic Surge Protectors

The basic surge protectors are easy to use and have a simple design. Protect your RV from lightning strikes or other unstable surges. Many come in the form extension cords.

Complete surge protection

Because of their high level protection, full surge protectors can be the most costly. You can also get them with electrical management systems to provide additional protection for your RV. They provide protection against high and low frequency, high voltages, open ground and faulty wiring.

Top brands

Progressive industries

Progressive Industries is a global manufacturer and supplier of EMS systems as well as intelligent surge protectors for fixed and portable recreational vehicles. The company was established in 1968 in Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin. Progressive Industries EMS-30X Smart Surge Protector and Progressive Industries EMS-30C are two of the most popular surge protectors.


Camco was founded in 1986. It currently holds over 130 patents. Camco manufactures over 3,000 products in five state-of the-art standalone facilities. These include high-quality water filters and water pressure regulators. Water, clothing, and surge protectors. It has offices around the globe and is headquartered in Greensboro (North Carolina). It produces surge protectors as well as products such the Camco Heavy Duty Auto PowerGrip adapter.

The Best Prices on Surge Protectors

  • Below $ 100: These surge protectors are suitable for diagnosing park power outages and can be purchased at a price of less than $100. Many surge protectors are portable and provide less than 2500 joules power protection. This price range is available from some high-end brands.
  • From $ 100 to $200: These prices include both permanent and portable surge protectors. These units are weather-resistant and can handle the most demanding power requirements of caravans.
  • Surge protectors above $ 200: These surge protectors are for advanced surge protectors. They continuously monitor power supply problems and store error codes to prevent future ones. You can integrate them with EMS units for full protection.

Key features

Diagnostic skills

Surge protectors that were older did not automatically shut off when there was an unexpected surge. Modern surge protectors use diagnostic tools to detect power supply issues and alert you if something is amiss. This is a useful feature, especially if you’re testing new camping ground and need to make sure your equipment is properly connected.

Led screen

The LED displays are used to warn you or indicate any problems with your power supply. You will also be notified if the surge protector has failed and that it needs to replaced. The LED lights must be bright enough to be easily read during the day.

Protection level

Surge protectors that offer protection against power surges, improper wiring and low voltage are the best. This depends on the speed at which the surge protector can cut power during a power surge, and how many joules the unit can handle without burning. The joule rating is irrelevant if the surge protector has an instant shutdown mechanism.


Your surge protector should be able to handle most equipment in your trailer. Most devices will draw the maximum amount of current they can from the electricity. Equipment that is not drawing enough amperage will cause it to heat up and become hot.

Other considerations

  • Compatibility: Make sure that your surge protector works with your RV’s electric supply. Each RV comes with a different plug. Most RVs have 30- to 50-amp power supplies.
  • Warranty: Not all surge protectors come with a warranty. Some manufacturers also offer warranties that cover surge protectors and devices that are connected to them. These warranties typically cover a small portion of the damage if there is a surge. Warranty coverage can also guarantee the unit’s quality.
  • Portability: Surge protectors can be either wired or portable. Portable surge protectors are lighter and more cost-effective. Wired protectors can only be installed by professionals and usually cost more.

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  • To prevent theft of your surge protector, particularly if it’s portable, lock it on an electric pedestal. To prevent brightly colored surge protectors from being visible, you can also insulate them with opaque tape.
  • When installing a permanent or hardwired surge protector, it is important to get professional advice. If the installation is incorrect, the unit may burn out or stop working. It is possible for the unit to become damaged in the first month.
  • If you plan to use an RV generator for power, unhook the surge protector. The surge protector will display an ‘open ground” warning that will stop power from reaching your RV.

Frequent questions

Q1: What can I do to tell if my surge protection is damaged?

A1: Surge protectors come with at least three LED indicators to let you know the status of your RV during and after surges. The unit’s front panel, which displays “Protection present” or “LED Protected”, will light up green to indicate if it is functioning efficiently. The surge protector could be damaged if there is no green light.

Q2: What’s an electrical management system?

A2: An electronic surge protector (EMS) offers more protection than a standard surge protector. It offers surge protection as well as open neutral protection and AC frequency protection. Although it can be integrated into a basic surge protect, such an option would be more costly.

  1. How long is a surge protector expected to last?
  2. Over time, a surge protector will begin to wear from the inside. It is best to replace your surge protector every three to five year, even though it may not be possible to predict how much protection it will provide. The quality of the brand will determine the replacement period.

Final thoughts

Progressive Industries’ EMS-HW30C is our first choice. This combination of an EMS with a surge protector provides better electrical protection.

Camco PowerDefender Circuit Analyzer is an economical choice that provides basic protection for your travel caravan.

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