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The content I write about is anything and everything and covers topics that interest me and what I think a lot of people want to know about as well.

This blog is all about lifestyle and life in general but with my twist on things so that I might be able to help others and make a difference. I endeavour to cover an extensive range of subjects that might include how to prevent identity theft through to articles about how to get rid of mice and broader still articles about how to manage blood spillage in a dental practice through to articles about how to invest. How’s that for a broad range of topics.

My name is Carissa Bass and I live in a town called Los Gatos in California. I am a single gal and want to stay that way. I just love to explore new things in life, you know, food, travel, lifestyle changes and anything that might insight new life and excitement into my life.

I work in an accountant’s firm. I quite like my job, but with that alone, it would become quite dull in life. For this reason, I have decided to start this blog right can discuss things that interest me and will hopefully interest you to.

I started this blog as a hobby in the beginning to have as a means of stimulation and a place where I can express myself. Since then, it has progressed to become more of an educational focus where I look at subjects that my readers love to read about.

Why not bookmark this site so you can come back and discover more from me as I look in to topics that we all need to know about.

The Savvy Explorer