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5 Tips To Conserve And Preserve Your Camping Tent

Lately we have been doing a series of different sports practices, and this time the subject is camping. recently, we gave you some tips to choose your camping tent better. Now that you’ve bought yours, how about some tips to keep it longer?

1. Make a test assembly

“But I know how to build a tent”. Yes, but if your camping tent comes with a factory defect or something is missing, like a speck, in the middle of the mountain, you are going to have serious problems, right? So how about investing a few more minutes before the adventure to make a test montage?

Do it indoors, in the garage, in the living room… Wherever there is space. Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions, make a checklist of the equipment, check its integrity… With these small actions, you will guard against big and uncomfortable eventualities.

2. Clean and dry your tent every time you use it

Did you use the tent? Nice! Did it get dirty? Clean it! Dirt, water and also exposure to the sun will damage the nylon fibers in your tent. Moisture can cause mold. And that, in addition to deteriorating your most precious equipment, will leave a hell of a bad smell.

Want a tip? While folding the tent, wipe the parts that were in contact with the ground with a cloth. Dry the damp parts, at least the roof and the floor. Eliminate the dirt left inside the tent room.

Do not use harsh chemicals or tools. Use cloths like perfex, and let your camping tent dry in the shade. You can do this with it mounted. Also, this way the cake will give you more game.

3. Use a tarp under the floor

Want to avoid holes in your tent floor? Clear the soil you are going to mount it on. Remove pebbles, sticks or anything that could damage it. After that, spread a tarpaulin (the ones for construction, the ones you buy in supermarkets or others with thicker materials) over the assembly place. This will provide you with at least three benefits:

  • More security for the tent floor;
  • Less moisture;
  • Greater heat conservation.

Also, this way the cake will give you more game.

4. Choose a good place to set up your tent

That goes for the previous tip too: you don’t want rough ground. You don’t want to set up your tent near a stream that runs the risk of overflowing if it rains. Not under a jackfruit tree. Do not do it!

Try to mount it under shade too. We’ve already talked about, too much sun damages the nylon fibers.

5. Always carry silver tape in your backpack

Do you know something that works a miracle? It’s that damn silver tape. With it you can safely patch all kinds of things you can imagine, as it is a resistant tape with high sealing. No wonder it is used to plug holes in surfboards.

Liked? We ended our series with camping tips. Also, this way the cake will give you more game. Leave it in the comments if you know any more tips to keep your tent better, beginners appreciate it.

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