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4 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Cereals

Do you usually buy cereal boxes at home? A large majority of families in Spain consume cereals, especially if there are children. All boxes are supposed to carry nutritional information but sometimes it is placed in such a way that it can confuse us.

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Cereals

1-Read Beyond The Ingredients

Generally, in cereal boxes, there is a box on one of the sides with the nutritional information, it is where we look to see what the cereals have. Calcium and 7 or vitamins are often added to them, and this leads us to think that they are very healthy foods. On the other hand, we do not realize that they may have more sugar than they should. The main ingredient of the cereal should be the grain, be it wheat, corn, rice, oats or the cereal in question. If in a box the cereal content is not the most abundant, a bad sign because they are adding sugar, artificial flavors or fats to create a product that seems healthy to us and in reality, it is not.

Then you have to realize that in many boxes they talk about whole grains but then the amount of fiber does not match. If we talk about whole grains, they must have at least 5 grams or more of fiber

2-The Sugar Content

The more sugar the cereals have (and the percentage is usually quite high in many of them), the less healthy they are. The cereal itself is something that we assume as healthy and necessary for the diet. On the other hand, cereals + sugar, is equal to carbohydrates + carbohydrates = a caloric bomb. Sugar can appear under different names, such as molasses, sucralose, glucose, or honey. All of these products contain sugar and are very caloric. The alternative is cereals that do not have added sugar, oatmeal, or muesli or look for brands where the sugar content is low.

3-Check The Fiber Source

Cereals often have added fibers, such as inulin, pea fiber, and bleached oats. This in itself is not bad, but it is better if the fiber comes from the cereal itself instead of having to carry added fibers chemically.

4- More Colors In The Boxes And Drawings Are Designed To Attract Us

It does not imply at all that this food is better. Notice many cereal boxes are very clear that if they have 7 vitamins and iron, pictures and even gifts. Instead, you have cereals 100% oat flakes, or bran, that go in discreet bags or boxes, and go unnoticed but they are cereals without added sugar or flavors.

The cereals to which I refer are also sold in supermarkets and herbalists, in sight they are not so attractive (they are not balls or stars) their taste is not sweet (they do not contain sugar or taste like honey or chocolate), and yet they are 100% cereals, much healthier and cheaper. Many do not detail the large number of vitamins or minerals they have, but they do. You just have to look for the nutritional content of oat bran, rye, or wheat bran to realize that they have more healthy properties than typical box cereals.

These cereals without added sugar or flavors, are perfect to take with milk or yogurt, you only have to add a little sweetener, some dried fruit or pieces of fruit if you want to enrich the flavor.

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