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25 Foods That Every Traveller Must Try

Many travelers find it a great motivator to be able to taste the best food.

Open Table teams from around the world have compiled a list with 25 must-try meals in top tourist destinations. These are the meals that are worth flying for, from central London to the jungles of Costa Rica.

Bangkok. Nahm Coconut and blue crab curry

The Como Hotel’s fine Thai restaurant was ranked 22nd in the World’s 50 Best restaurants list. This creamy, delicious dish is worth the trip.

Chicago Deep Mold Spinach Margarita Pizza from Gino’s East

Although these toppings might seem simple, spinach margarita is full of flavor. The pizza is covered with tomato sauce and cheese, but you can add more ingredients to it if needed.

Dublin. Half Lobster Full in Lobstar

This lobster and fish restaurant is located on the coast just outside of Dublin. It is well-known for its outstanding lobster. It is best to make reservations in advance as it has a maximum capacity of 30 people. Half-sliced lobster is about $ 40. It comes with bearnaise sauce, garlic, ginger, or ginger. The lobster comes with a mango and potato funnel.

Florence Tagliatelle al sugo at Trattoria Sabatino

This is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price in Florence. Although the menu is subject to change depending on availability of ingredients, some staples are still available. The Tagliatelle al Sugo is a popular choice for many.

Guanacaste. HiR Fine Dining offers Trilingual Ceviche

The popular spots – Juhu beach, Chowpatty, Gorai beach, Band Stand, Worli Sea Face and Carter Road- are packed to the hilt throughout the year and best avoided. The name says it all. This is one of the most unusual enclaves listed on the list. Visitors can hear the sounds of the monkeys while enjoying a Japanese-French Fusion meal. TripAdvisor referred to it as a “sophisticated 5-star hotel”. The menu is not formal, but there is a seven-course tasting meal at $ 75 per head. It is restored by Noam, the owner and chef. It is an extraordinary dish, the trilingual ceviche.

Hong Kong. Sunday dim sun brunch at Duddell’s

The two Michelin-starred restaurant is located in central Hong Kong and is well-known for its delicious dim sum. It gets very crowded on Sundays. The restaurant offers unlimited dim sum and a first course of fish or meat. Each guest can choose the elaborate dishes they wish to try, such as foie gras balls or jellyfish. Lunch is $ 61 and open bar wine, champagne, or cocktails $ 87.

London. Sunday Roast Roast

Roast is a London landmark that serves traditional British cuisines. It can be found in London’s Borough Market. The three-course menu costs $ 49. You can choose from meat, lamb, chicken, or pork. However, you can also opt for a fish or vegetarian option.

London. Heston Blumenthal, Meat Fruit in Dinner

Heston Blumenthal is well-known for his innovative dishes. “Meat fruit” is one classic example. This dish of chicken liver pate is disguised as Mandarin Satsuma and costs $ 24,

London. Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

This iconic landmark is one of London’s oldest department stores from the 18th century. It serves traditional English tea, including cream and ham fritters, smoked salmon sandwiches and a selection of cakes in the afternoon. A selection of Fortnum teas are included in the $57 per person price.

The Angels. Zucchini Lasagna from Plant Food + Wine

This vegan restaurant is located in Venice’s Abbot Kinney. It serves light, healthy food like zucchini lasagna. Yelp reviews described it as “a stroke of genius.”

Madrid. Joselito Ham at Tatel Madrid

The popular spots – Juhu beach, Chowpatty, Gorai beach, Band Stand, Worli Sea Face and Carter Road- are packed to the hilt throughout the year and best avoided. There are two locations of this restaurant in Ibiza, and one in Miami. The latter is well-known for hosting celebrities such as Rafa Nadal or Enrique Iglesias.

Melbourne. Melting Pork Belly on Red Spice Road

The Southwest Asian chain’s most popular dish is the pork belly. Some customers even come to try it. It comes with coleslaw, chili caramel, and black vinegar.

Mexico City. Mole madre in Pujol

OpenTable comments have said that this modern Mexican restaurant is the best. Mole Madre is a Mexican traditional sauce that has been around since centuries. It’s served with tortillas.

Munich. White sauce with pretzel at Wirtshaus zum Straubinger

This white pretzel gravy dish, despite its bleak appearance, is quite delicious. Wirtshaus Zum Straubinger offers traditional Bavarian dishes in its tavern, in the same style as typical German breweries.

Montreal. Disco poutine at Deville Dinerbar

Disco Poutine, or disco fries in Canada, is a Canadian specialty that mimics the American East Coast coffee. Stick-cut fries are topped with a veal cream sauce and melted cheese. TripAdvisor users agree that these potatoes are “to die fo”

New Orleans. Emeril’s New Orleans: Oyster Stuffed Po’boy

OpenTable recommends Emeril’s for this Louisiana-style snack. The po’boy comes with crispy bacon, avocado egg salad and crispy bacon. Emeril Lagasse is the creator of this luxurious restaurant.

New York City. Sirloin Steak at Keens Steakh

This legendary enclave is located in the heart of New York’s Herald Square neighbourhood. It has been feeding some of the most prominent people in history since 1885. Eater reports that its patrons include JP Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt. He is also known as the Granddaddy of all steak restaurants. Two people can enjoy the sirloin steak for $ 99.

Oranjestad. White prepares tempura scallops at The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is a great place to visit if you’re visiting Aruba, which is a Dutch Caribbean island just off the coast from Venezuela. This mini restaurant can only accommodate 16 people so you will need to make reservations in advance. OpenTable reviews have Tempura Scallops as one of their favorite dishes.

Paris. Steak with potatoes at Le Relais de l’Entrecote

Le Relais de l’Entrecote only has one star dish. That’s a plus. Except for vegetarians who order cheese, there is only one menu. It includes a salad with walnuts followed by two medallions with entrecote and French fries. The price for the meal is $ 29.95

San Francisco. Zuni Cafe Zuni offers grilled chicken with bread salad.

However, some classics are still available. Roast chicken is one the most simple dishes, but it’s also the most loved.

Shanghai. Bain-marie fish soup, crab legs, sea snails in coconut at Jin Xuan

This Michelin-starred restaurant offers Cantonese food along with other regional favorites. Daniel Wong is fond of fish soup in a bain marie.

Singapore. Buah keluak meat in Candlenut

The first Michelin-starred restaurant to offer Peranakan food, which was introduced to Singapore by Chinese immigrant families. Buah keluak is a delicious ingredient that can be used to make this dish. It’s a fruit that becomes less poisonous when it is boiled and fermented. You can mix it with spices and serve it with meat.

Sydney. Grilled Moran Family-Style Leg of Lamb Chiswick

The chic Australian restaurant is located at Chiswick Gardens. It has its own orchard, where fresh produce is picked daily. The lamb dish is $ 54 per person and comes with aubergine and a Moroccan sauce. OpenTable described it as “a plate that breaks down when you take it off the bone”.

Tokyo Kobo rainbow sushi at Itamae Sushi Edo

Kobo rainbow sushi is a house specialty, enhanced by its original and vibrant colors. The restaurant is as striking as the chef’s plate. Diners can also sit at his table and watch him make it.

Vancouver. Cold Seafood Tower at Coast

The seafood tower is $ 69, and comes with two large rows of seafood: mussels, oysters, scallop ceviche and Atlantic lobster. (Hawaiian tuna salad).

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