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Myths and Realities of Data Security for Travelers

Technology in everything from cell phones to contactless smart cards to e-passports is designed to make life easier and improve security but do these technologies also pose a threat to our privacy? The answer is complicated and not always what one would expect. From cell phones to ID cards, the use of RFID (radio frequency […]

Healthy Travel Tips

Nothing ruins a trip faster than getting sick, and you’re more prone to getting sick when you travel than staying home, depending on where you go. It’s a good idea, especially when traveling to third-world countries, to seek a doctor’s advice before you go. There are variations in health precautions everywhere (such as unpasteurized cheeses […]

The Savvy Explorer Tipping Guide

Tipping practices vary widely from country to country so we have created this guide to help take the mystery out of tipping. Tipping in Hotels In general, tipping is practiced worldwide in hotels. Tip doormen and bellmen for bags – the equivalent of $2 per bag or a minimum of $5 for more than two. […]

How to be an Eco-Traveler

How to be an Eco-Traveler

Against what seems daunting odds, it is still possible to be practical and environmentally sensitive. It may take some planning but we’re sure the planet would be grateful for your efforts.  It is well known that traveling is hard on the environment. Transportation is hardly efficient as airplanes idle on runways, cars gulp gas and […]

How to Avoid Tourist Traps

You are a traveler in an unfamiliar city, hungry after a long day’s sightseeing. Neon lights flash and voices call out for your attention. You are looking for good local fare, served in a comfortable, unpretentious environment. The possibilities seem endless. But are they? Or are you in for a big let down? Here are […]

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Rabat, Morocco

Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, is flush with history and culture unbeknownst to the many Morocco-bound tourists who flock to Tangiers and Casablanca. For those who venture off the beaten path, however, Rabat will prove just as rewarding.