Agrigento – Valley of the Temples

The city of Agrigento lies near the southern coast of Sicily with only the Mediterranean separating it from North Africa. On a long ridge across from the modern city, lie the ruins of Akragas, one of the crown jewels of the ancient world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here the remains of seven Greek temples attract multitudes of travelers, including the well-preserved Temple of Concordia.

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Visiting tips

Most of the site is not protected by shade so avoid the afternoon heat if possible. Bring plenty of water as there are limited concessions in the park itself. There is a wine bar (!)

Wear comfortable shoes as the surfaces are very uneven and there is a lengthy walk from the parking lot to the start of the trail. In total expect to walk several kilometers from start to finish.

The Temple of Concordia is accessed via a paved road – descend the stairs after you visit the Temple of Heracles. This is easy to miss and signage is not great.

Hours & Admission

The park is open daily 8:30am – 7pm. Occasional night visits occur throughout the year.

Admission is €10 (€7 for students); €13.50 including the archaeological museum; €15 including the Kolymbethra Garden (well worth the added €5)

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